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Школа 418 в Финляндии

Группа школьников и учителей школы 418 посетила своих финских друзей. О незабываемой поездке была создана PP презентация на английском языке.
О чем пишут ребята?

Из презентации:
"We visited a lot of interesting lessons and took part in them. It was fascinating!

Reindeer farms open for tourists show traditional Lappish culture and give the opportunity for a reindeer ride. 

Snowboarding in SUOMI is great!

The Botanical Garden of Oulu University is one of the northernmost scientific gardens in the world. With a total area of 16 hectares, the Garden harbors extensive outdoor collections are divided into seven sections.

At the Garden there is also a biotechnological laboratory, which applies in vitro methods to produce plants for research, teaching and landscaping. 

We gave an interview for the main newspaper in Oulu !

We had a very good program and we had a lot of fun! Finnish people are very friendly, open and well-educated.

This trip gave us much valuable experience and unforgettable memories. We have seen another country, have learnt more about its traditions and culture. 
We have found a lot of good friends...

It’s always not easy to say goodbye… We spent a good time together and we will always remember this happy trip…"


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