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Школьный обмен 2010

Продолжился школьный обмен.
Основными целями обмена являются:
- знакомство с культурой других стран, ее обычаями и традициями;
- более глубокое понимание собственной культуры и ее роли в мировом сообществе; - установление контактов со своими сверстниками;

В мае 2010 состоялась поездка групп учащихся и педагогов из школ 418, 422, 423, 425, 424 в коммуны-побратимы округа Оулу/ Финляндия/ (Всего около 50 человек) 
Школа 418 – Кемпеле, округ Оулу/ Финляндия/
Школа 422 – Юли-Кииминки, округ Оулу/ Финляндия/ 
Школа 425 – Ий, округ Оулу/ Финляндия/
Школа 424 - Юли-Ий, округ Оулу/ Финляндия/
Школа 423 - Хаукипудас/ Финляндия/

Маша Слобозян, школа 418, написала о поездке в Финляндию по-английски 

"I am really glad that I have visited Finland. But I am sorry that I stayed there only for four days. It was so much fun! I liked the family where I lived very much. They are so sweet. It is impotant for me that I had a lot of language practice communicating with Finish people . We became good friends with Nora. Sure it was great luck . Now we send letters to each other.
It was also interesting to meet Finish students , to visit the school, to attend lessons, to find out the difference in our systems of education. 
We had a chance to visit Oulu , one of the biggest cities in Finland , where we went to a bowling club.
The Science centre there is really cool , we watched the film and although it was SCIENCE centre (should be something boring…) , we watched it with great attention. We saw there many other different interesting things. 
Just seeing how they live in Finland , what kind of people they are was worth taking this trip.
Now we shall wait for our friends in Kronshtadt!"


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